I believe Charles Hadden Spurgeon’s writings capture the sufferings of Jesus like no other. Here is some of what he said:


If there be one place where our Lord Jesus most fully becomes the joy and comfort of His people, it is where He plunged deepest into the depths of woe. Come hither, gracious souls, and behold the Man in the garden of Gethsemane; behold His heart so brimming with love that he cannot hold it in — so full of sorrow that it must find a vent. Behold the bloody sweat as it distils from every pore of His body, and falls upon the ground. Behold the Man as they drive the nails into His hands and feet. Look up repenting sinners, and see the sorrowful image of your suffering Lord. Mark Him, as the ruby drops stand on the thorn-crown, and adorn with priceless gems the diadem of the King of Misery, Behold the Man! when all His bones are out of joint, and He is poured out like water and brought into the dust of death; God hath forsaken Him, and hell compasseth him about. Behold and see, was there ever a sorrow like unto His sorrow that is done unto Him? All ye that pass by draw near and look upon this spectacle of grief, unique, unparalleled, a wonder to men and angels, a prodigy unmatched. Behold the Emperor of Woe who had no equal or rival in His agonies! Gaze upon Him, ye mourners, for if there be not consolation in a crucified Christ there is no joy in earth or heaven. If in the ransom price of His blood there be not hope, ye harps of heaven, there is no joy in you, and the right hand of God shall know no pleasures for evermore. We have only to sit more continually at the cross foot to be less troubled with our doubts and woes. We have but to see His sorrows, and our sorrows we shall feel ashamed to mention; we have but to gaze into His wounds and heal our own. If we would live aright it must be in contemplation of His death; if we would rise to dignity, it must be by considering His sorrow.


Did earth or heaven ever behold a sadder spectacle of woe? In the soul and body, our Lord felt Himself to be weak as water poured upon the ground. The placing of the cross in its socket had shaken Him with great violence, had strained all the ligaments, pained every nerve, more or less dislocated all His bones. Burdened with His own weight, the august sufferer felt the strain increasing every moment of those six long hours. His sense of faintness and general weakness were overpowering; while to His own consciousness He became nothing but a mass of misery and swooning sickness.


Pilate delivered our Lord to the lictors to be scourged. The Roman scourge was a most dreadful instrument of torture. It was made of the sinews of oxen, and sharp bones were intertwisted every here and there among the sinews; so that every time the lash came down these pieces of bone inflicted fearful lacerations, and tore off he flesh from the bone. The Savior was, no doubt, bound to the column, and thus beaten.

"See how the patient Jesus stands,
Insulted in His lowest case!
Sinners have bound the Almighty's hands,
And spit in their Creator's face.

With thorns His temples gor'd and gash'd
Send streams of blood from every part;
His back's with knotted scourges lash'd,
But sharper scourges tear His heart.

Charles Hadden Spurgeon

Mark 14:34  And He said to them, My soul is exceedingly sad --- overwhelmed with grief -- so that it almost kills Me...
This is the cup Jesus prayed for the Father to take away in verse 36.  The grief was so overwhelming, that it was trying to take His life before He could get to the cross.  Then His sweat became like great clots of blood dropping to the ground.  
He never prayed for the cross to be removed.  He would never pray against His Father's will.  They were  one.  He prayed not my will but yours because He did not want to die before He could get to the cross and the Father agreed and sent an angel to strengthen Him. Luke 22:43

Not only did He suffer so much physical pain and His face being marred more than any man, Is.52:14, and the entire weight of the sin of mankind upon Him, but those with whom He had spent the last 3 years of His life pouring out all of his love everyday, teaching them all they would need to survive without Him, left Him.  Only John, Mary His mother, Mary Magdalen and two other women were there at the end. Where were all those He had healed? You know it broke His heart.  But He never gave in to a single feeling of resentment or self pity.

The one thing we must see  is the great love He has for us.  The price could not have been  bigger and He paid it gladly because He believes we are worth it.  How can we refuse such a beautiful invitation.  Let us give him the Love and Worship He more than deserves and never forget the painful price He paid for us  so we could be with him forever.

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