Phil Driscoll and other musicians made a CD called “Selah 1” in 1994 with no written music to go by. They followed the Holy Spirit. Most of the music is instrumental. It is filled with heavenly sounds that will lift your spirit into the heavenly sphere. Eph. 2:6

I believe he was ahead of his time. I know I was not ready for the new sound in 1994 as I was going through the fire and was being prepared.

He makes a wonderful statement about his vision on worship at the beginning of #3 on the CD. He was saying that there is a new sound, a new wind coming on the earth. God wants to fill His music with the power of His Presence and His Light that will lift our spirits out of the reach of darkness and painful circumstances. This has always been His will and desire for us. But for us to survive the Day of the Lord’s coming, we need something especially strong and powerful.

The new sound is spiritual and has a great anointing. I experienced it at the same time I heard about the Fiery Eclipse and The Solar Wind or (Breath of the Sun) that happened in June 2020. It all fits prophetically together. I listened to Selah 1 for the first time and truly experienced a new wind, a new sound as the Lord revealed His Presence in a deeper way than before.

As Phil blows the trumpet, The Lord calls us up to Zion which is His Presence. It is up to us whether we come or not. We are extremely blessed to be living at this time. Jesus has everything our soul wants and needs. He is pouring it out at this time. Let us put out the spiritual water jars of our souls so we do not miss His great final outpouring.

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