Supernova – Light from a stellar explosion reaches the earth as the progenitor star ran out of fuel to support fusion, exploding its outer material into space collapsing its core.

They have images from 2004, 2008, 2017 and 2018 observing changes in a 14-year span of the death of stars. A pulsar is a type of dead star that shoots at other stars and has captured the picture of a Ghostly Hand in space, and it is causing the deaths of massive stars.

It seems the fingertips are shooting magnesium clumps at insanely fast speeds. This is the core collapse of one star that is the supernova. The blast wave is located near one of the fingertips.

Revelation 6:13 And the stars of the sky dropped to the earth like a fig tree shedding its unripe fruit out of season when shaken by a strong wind. Amp.

Who is doing the shaking? And whose hand is doing the shooting? You decide!

Habakkuk 3:3-4

3…His glory covered the heavens, and the earth was full of His praise.

4. And His brightness was as the light; He had horns coming out of His hand; and there was the hiding place of His power.

Info: Bettysheba (Cheryl)

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